Nightmare in Silver

If you don’t recognise the title of this posting, then you’re probably not Doctor Who fan. The epidsode which was first aired today on BBC1 was written by the imaginative Neil Gaiman.

So before I see anyone else’s views or reviews of this episode, here are my own opinions.

After a slightly shaky start in which suddenly the children whom Clara nannies are being given a day trip in the Tardis (when was that decided? Did I miss an episode?) we very quickly meet a chess playing cyberman actually controlled by Warwick Davies.

The best part comes in this episode when the silver cybermidges (is that what the mini cybermats were called?) try and take over The Doctors brain, and Matt Smith gives a brilliant performance in which the part of the mind still controlled by The Doctor battles the part controlled by ‘Mr Clever’ the cyberman. Meanwhile Clara shows she’s a woman who can take control of a situation, assuming¬†responsibility for a small army unit and being very clear about who is in charge.

With elements of Golem from the Lord of the Ring films (and indeed many other TV programmes, films and books including the classic Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde) and maybe references to playing chess with devil for a man’s soul plus a leading lady who decides there’s more to life than marrying the emperor and becoming queen of the universe I thought this was an excellent nd well written episode, probably one of the best so far this season.

So that’s my opinion, what did other people think?

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