Another door

There’s no door in our bedroom doorway at the moment, the reason being that I’ve taken the door off in order to strip all the paint off and repaint it, as well as putting new hinges on before rehanging it.

Since there is just my wife and I at home at the moment it doesn’t really matter that we don’t have a door for the bedroom.

On the subject of doorways, I believe there was a study or theory regarding doorways and memory that suggested that when you walk through a doorway that represents a change of context which can make you forget what you were thinking about, hence the reason people can walk into a room and then forget what they went there for. Also, the quickest way to remember is to go back to where you were, ie to the context in which you had the initial thought. It was something like that anyway – I’ll have to have a search for it on the internet – if I remember.

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