Cutting the lawn

A bank holiday weekend and sunshine – how unusual is that. I have a petrol lawnmower which has given me many years reliable service, that is until last summer when the engine kept stalling. Eventually, with a little research on the internet, I decided the problem was a faulty diaphragm in the carburetor – I even found videos showing me how to fix it. So I bought the necessary parts, took the engine to bits, and for good measure also replaced the spark plug. Everything worked fine afterwards (thank goodness), or rather the the motor ran beautifully but then the rear wheels, which have an adjustable height, kept dropping to below the lowest setting. The height adjustment had broken! So I took the wheels off and repaired the height adjuster using a sawn off piece of bolt glued in place with Aradite. By then the weather had got colder and wetter, the lawn didn’t get a final cut before the winter and the wheels didn’t get put back on the lawnmower until a couple of weeks ago when I gave the lawn a very quick cut on the maximum setting.

So with the sunshine today I was finally able to give the lawn a proper cut, although first I had to go and buy some more fuel. Hopefully 5 litres will be enough for the rest of the year. Petrol tank filled, primed and started and I made  start, but the rear wheels still kept slipping to a lower setting, then halfway through cutting the lawn the back wheels fell off altogether! I got out the spanners and this time I fixed them on properly. I think cutting the lawn is going to be a regular job for a while. 

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