I’m I man, which I think means I don’t multitask. That’s not strictly true, at any time I may be doing several things at once, like breathing, walking, thinking, seeing, listening (or at least hearing, even if I don’t consciously process what I’m hearing) etc

My computer also multitasks. At any time several processes will be running at the same time. Some will be programs I’ve launched, such as the web browser, others will be processes that run in the background, for example the antivirus.

It’s all very clever, but I wish someone would come up with an operating system that multitasked more intelligently than Windows 7 does. I want the process I’ve launched, and am actively using to take priority over any other task, and if I’m using a browser I want the data I’ve requested to be downloaded before any Windows updates or other data. 

I’d be happy for these background tasks to run when the processor isn’t busy with the task I’ve asked it to do. But that doesn’t seem to be how it works. When I switch on the computer I seem to have to wait 10 minutes while the antivirus updates it permissions before I can even start the web browser. If I’m watching a film, my computer sometimes freezes completely while some background task, probably a Windows update downloading and installing itself, takes all the computer’s resources.

I’m glad Microsoft don’t design cars.

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